Click here for the Fixtures list 2015 (Last updated : 03-Apr-2015 (After Fixtures Meeting))

T20 groups are as follows: (segregated based on last year results):

New Teams in 2015, which are included only in  the 2015 BCF T20 tournament.

1. MCCB &

2. Meise Wolverines.

Based on 2014 Group – G1 Based on 2014 Group – G2 Based on 2014 Group – G3 Based on 2014 Group – G4
SF-1 RBCC-T20 SF2 Crescent CC-T20 SF3 ACCB-T20 SF4 AICC-T20
QF-4 Antwerp CC-T20 QF3 Ostend CC-T20 QF2 Exiles-T20 QF1 12 Stars-T20
G13 Eagles-T20 G23 Greens CC-T20 G33 ICCB-T20 G43 Hasselt CC-T20
G44 Gent CC-T20 G34 KUCC-T20 G24 PCCB-T20 G14 Brugge CC-T20
G15 Liege CC-T20 G25 Sint Truiden-T20 G35 Mechelen CC-T20 G45 Arcadians-T20
Meise-T20 MCCB-T20

League groups are as follows: (segregated based on last year results)

D1 1 12 Stars-1 D2 1 Greens D3 1 Heerlen
D1 2 RBCC-1 D2 2 AICC-1 D3 2 RBCC-2
D1 3 Ostend-1 D2 3 Brugge CC D3 3 12 Stars-2
D1 4 Antwerp CC D2 4 Optimists D3 4 Liege CC
D1 5 Arcadians-1 D2 5 Eagles D3 5 AICC-2
D1 6 Gent CC-1 D2 6 Hasselt CC D3 6 Arcadians-2
D1 7 Exiles CC D2 7 PCCB D3 7 ICCB
D1 8 ACCB-1 D2 8 ACCB-2 D3 8 Gent CC-2
D1 9 Crescent CC D2 9 Ostend-2 D3 9 Mechelen
D3 10 KUCC
D3 11 Sint-Truiden
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